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AdVis Interactive Projection Software

AdVis one of the first interactive software on the market. Launched 2006 in UK, and 2007 in Indonesia. With thousands of installs across 80 different countries, AdVis is one of the leading interactive projection software globally and trusted by major corporations and brands like McDonalds, Pepsi, GSK, Nissan, Danone, and Toyota.

AdVis can be used to turn walls, floors and tables in to interactive surfaces and not only is it versatile, it works with any display platform so you can use it with a Flatscreen LCD, LED screen or Projector. Our software is modular based with a built-in motion detection engine. Combined with our Infrared Tracking kit, the software can be easily installed on a PC and run through a projector, giving the user the ability to create stunning interactive effects on any projection surface!


All our 100+ effects are completely customisable and each comes with an advanced configuration program which allows users to change settings such as quantities, sizes, speed, images, background, video underlays, logo overlays and background/interaction sounds.

Each effect can run independently or can seamlessly integrate with others to create a continuously changing environment. Because our software is sold in modules, our system becomes much more affordable.

Our collection includes:

  1. Soccer Game
  2. Fish Pond
  3. Alien Invasion
  4. Airdrums
  5. Bridge
  6. Reveal
  7. Quiz
  8. Trail
  9. Turntable
  10. Flip

and many more..

Stratego is Distributor for Luminvision products in Indonesia.

See Advis Demo
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For certain solution we have principals that help us with their technology. They help speed up the process of providing tools to your needs. We’ve been fortunate to work with these partners that provide us those challenges.

University of Cambridge | Luminvision UK | Maraco Inc.
PT. Microsoft Indonesia | PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna) | PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk. | PT XL Axiata Tbk. | Total E&P Indonesie | PT Kraft Ultrajaya Indonesia | PT Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera | PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia | PT Astra International Tbk. | PT Wira Pamungkas Pariwara | PT Wunderman Pamungkas Indonesia | PT Catha Lembana Indonesia (Lowe)