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Orpheus Business Personality Inventory

Orpheus is a personality test designed for use in occupational settings. Orpheus is a big-five measure of personality developed specifically for use in the workplace.

Orpheus assesses:

  • Fellowship (Extraversion),
  • Authority (reverse Agreeableness),
  • Conformity (reverse Openness),
  • Emotion (Neuroticism),
  • Detail (Conscientiousness).

Orpheus also contains an Unlikely Responses Scale:

  • Lie,
  • Social Desirability,
  • Impression Management.

Orpheus also assess the integrity traits of:

  • Proficiency,
  • Work Orientation,
  • Patience,
  • Fair-mindedness,
  • Loyalty,
  • Disclosure,
  • Initiative.

Key Benefits

  • Based on the 'Big Five' model of personality within a work context - Fellowship, Authority, Conformity,Emotion, Detail.
  • Seven additional integrity scales - Proficiency, Work-orientation, Patience, Fair-mindedness, Loyalty, Disclosure, Initiative.
  • Developed in collaboration with several UK blue chip companies.
  • Monitors for response biases - dishonesty, social desirability, acquiescence, contradiction.
  • The English language version is published by Talent lens, the occupational testing division of Pearson Assessment. The Indonesian version is developed by PT Strategi Optima.
  • Standardized in the UK on a representative sample of employees from a broad range of organisations, occupations, educational levels and ethnic groups.
  • Its 190 items are quick to administer and score in either paper and pencil form, by computer or over the internet.
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art psychometric procedures in scoring.

Orpheus has been developed by the highly regarded psychometrician and the only Professor of Psychometrics in the UK, Dr John Rust.

Dr John Rust

John Rust is Director of The Psychometrics Centre, a Strategic Research Network of the University of Cambridge. He is also Psychometrics Director within Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education and a Director of Research in the Psychology Department, as well as a Senior Member of Darwin College. John combines a huge academic and intellectual reputation in the field of testing and assessment with practical applications experience in a range of blue chips. John has a very broad interest in all aspects of both pure and applied psychometrics, whether it be academic research or challenging business applications.

Intended for a wide number of uses in the work setting, from selection to development, Orpheus’ online delivery is a powerful and low cost way to help inform an organisation about its people in a more enlightened way. Currently, Orpheus Business Personality Inventory being used in Brazil, Turkey and China, which business environment and workforce is almost similar to Indonesia.

Orpheus Business Personality Inventory is licensed by Cambridge Psychometric Centre (via CAMBRIDGE ENTERPRISE LIMITED). The Psychometrics Centre is a centre of excellence within the University of Cambridge dedicated to research, teaching and product development in both pure and applied psychological assessment in the online environment. Active in Cambridge since 2005, it has seen significant growth in the past five years as a consequence of the explosion of activity in on-line communication and social networks.

The Indonesian language version is developed by PT Strategi Optima and CAMBRIDGE ENTERPRISE LIMITED has granted PT Strategi Optima to commercially market Orpheus Business Personality Inventory in Indonesia.


Chemistry Recruitment is one of the new breed of recruitment companies that offer a fundamentally different service to the market. As part of this service, they create a full profile on each candidate so that clients can ultimately hire more accurately. Chemistry use Orpheus, created by Professor John Rust, Director of the Psychometrics Centre, as part of this profiling package. Chemistry combines Orpheus with a Behavioural Event Interview to create a very accurate picture of a candidate's profile. Roger comments: "Research undertaken by The British Psychological Society and at Chemistry Recruitment, indicates that our techniques are over 75% accurate in predicting a candidate's success in a new role, whereas our competitors are only around 25% successful."

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