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GasPal The State-of-The-Art Gas Simulator

GasPal – consists of 3 programs, GasPal, GRIDDER and TFR. An auxiliary, UPSCLR, generates a GasPal-grid from a Petrel geological model;

  1. Simulate performance of interconnected, multi-layer, gas reservoirs rapidly
  2. History match full performance spectrum (Q, P/Z, WGR, CGR, well-tubing-flowline DP
  3. Create model, enter data, plot-analyze results, report output via graphic user interface
  4. Compute fully-implicit nodal analysis (reservoir, tubing and surface network)
  5. Perforate and plug layers using automated rule-based procedure
  6. Calculate three-phase (GWO) flow in the reservoir with aquifer influx, water drive
  7. Calculate Darcy/non-Darcy flow (kh, AB, AFBC,C/n), relative permeability curves
  8. Calculate flow of reservoirs’ plus tariff gas through surface network of compressors, chokes, loops, splits to multiple off-take points, trace composition and heating value
  9. Generate production schedules with spare capacity, minimum well rates
  10. Build complex reservoir grid with GasPal’s pre-processor GRIDDER
  11. Tune tubing DP correlations, generate IPR & TI curves using TFR
  12. Model gas storage reservoirs

GasPal is a nodal analysis simulator that calculates pressure and flow rate of NAG plus water & oil. Because it solves an implicit formulation of the flow equations, Gaspal converges smoothly. Rapid computing speed allows practical solution of large models. A model with over 700 NAG producers and 2000 flow segments simulates 300 monthly time steps in less than 30 minutes. This application exemplifies GasPal’s powerful capability to plan development and operation of multi-reservoir complexes, including generation of production schedules with spare capacity. GasPal’s detailed well routines and tailored history matching features facilitate analyzing well performance in single reservoir runs. TOTAL[Indonesia, The Hague, Pau], EBN[Dutch Government]

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University of Cambridge | Luminvision UK | Maraco Inc.
PT. Microsoft Indonesia | PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk. (Sampoerna) | PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk. | PT XL Axiata Tbk. | Total E&P Indonesie | PT Kraft Ultrajaya Indonesia | PT Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera | PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia | PT Astra International Tbk. | PT Wira Pamungkas Pariwara | PT Wunderman Pamungkas Indonesia | PT Catha Lembana Indonesia (Lowe)